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"WHO IS G.N.B.? That is the question over which W. J. Glover, of Crewe, has 
be speculating ever since he had his house remodelled. There is a story 
behind his wondering:

"Back in the '80's, when the Norfolk and Western built its shop at Crewe, 
it also had a number of houses constructed for its employees - still known 
today as 'company houses.' In the construction of these homes, ten-inch 
white pine boards were used for weather protection. Regular 
weather-boarding was then added, on top of this paper, on the lower part of 
the house, while cypress shingles were applied to the upper part.

"When Mr. Glover (who is a brakeman on the Norfolk Division) had his home 
remodelled recently, these old cypres shingles were removed and on the 
building paper underneath he found the following, written in chalk: 'G.N.B. 
- 3-30-88.' Evidently the paper was applied on March 30, 1888 and Mr. 
Glover believes that the initials are those of one of the workmen who 
performed the job."

           -- Norfolk and Western Magazine, 14(8), p. 261, August, 1936.

Although the above doesn't answer Mr. Dunlap's question, it seems that the 
more things change, the more they stay the same.

Russell G. Henley

Mr. Dunlap:  I think your home was one that was used as a section foreman's 
house and was a "kit" house that was not a "standard" design from the 
standards book.  I'll wager that Williams may have been the section foreman 
at Delano.   Although I am too busy with other N&WHS work at the moment, I 
have some records that may be able to verify who was the foreman for that 
area.  I do not know of any photos of the original construction.  I don't 
know where one might find when the house was erected; this was Bridges and 
Buildings records that I don't have any access to.  Valuation maps may have 
some reference to the erection.  You might find a photo in the old N&W 
employee magazine but you would have to physically search every issue.

The N&W had two designs of standard section houses.  One was a single story 
and was built around the 1900-1915's and the second was a two story wood 
frame that looked a lot like typical farm houses.  This one is from 1920.

Gary Rolih, Cincinnati
Mr. Dunlap:
        I'm very familiar with your house.  I was the
Manager Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio since June 1993.
  Prior to that, I managed the Real Estate in Ohio out
of Atlanta since October 1987.   In June 1999, I was
promoted and brought back to Atlanta to work a
different assignment in the Real Estate Dept.
        For more information, the Columbus Real Estate
office has a file for this lease.   I believe the lease
is in the name of Valentine.   The house is on NW land
and the lease should be updated to be in whoever owns
the house today.   You may contact Sandy Smith,
Secretary in Columbus office, 614-438-6917, concerning
this and to request her to pull the file and see what
kind of history info is in it.
          Also, I'd like to make you aware of a
possible DOT project to improve the grade crossing at
your house.   When I was in Ohio, the DOT considered
attempting to level out the crossing and would require
the possible relocation of the house in question, due
to the slope of the grade.  I say this to advise you
that you may want to check with ODOT to see if they
have any plans in the future to do this, prior to you
completing any renovations.    Another person to talk
with about this topic at NS is Mr. Pat McCune, NS's
Resident Vice President for Public Affairs.  He and I
discussed this project a few times last year.    Sandy
can help you with how to contact him.
         So, I'd suggest you call Sandy Smith and
discuss these items with her, especially prior to any
renovations.   Feel free to write me with any questions

Robert Williams
Mr. Dunlap,

	Your story sounds very similar to mine.  My house was built in 1936 by N&W.
It is located at Weller Yard in Buchanan County, Virginia near Grundy and is
the old roadmaster's house.  The first roadmaster here was John Thomas and
then it was R.Y. Cook. While re-wiring the house I noticed that several of
the boards had N&W markings and what looked to be part numbers.  My
foundation even has a date stamp in the concrete.  I have heard that a
trainload of carpenters along with all the lumber, wiring, shingles, etc.
needed to build the house would travel from yard to yard building almost
identical houses for the roadmasters, etc.  Much of the lumber was probably
pre-cut and marked.  Does anyone know anything about these trains? or have
pictures of a house being built?  Does anyone have any Weller Yard pictures?
	Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a picture of the house.  I am
trying to keep it original as possible (no siding, wood floors, original
windows, etc.)  My e-mail address is etalbott at mtinter.net    I've even
started a small collection of N&W items to be displayed in the house.

Ed Talbott
Weller Yard, Buchanan County, Virginia

PS - I've got a couple generations of my Talbott ancestors buried in
Chillicothe, Ohio.

take a bunch of photos and share them please!!   I'm trying to get several
designs of N&W houses made in the 1900-1935 era.

Mark Lindsey
Hello there

Although I have no help for you, but as a coincedence, I was born in
Chillicothie and my grandfather worked for the B&O there in Chillicothie.
His jame was James Eugene Kuhn. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years
ago. HIs wife may be able to help if she is willing.  I will contact he soon
and let you know what she said.


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