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[Ted Roberts asked:]
 >Similarly, a video tape on The Peavine quotes Cincinnati to
 > Portsmout as the route covered; is this the extent of the Peavine, and how
 > did it get that name?

"The Pea Vine" was the nickname of the "Cincinnati District" of the Scioto
Division, extending between Portsmouth, Ohio and Cincinnatti, Ohio.

The moniker obviously refers to the way the railroad traverses the terrain.
Apparently the right-of-way location engineer was told not to spend one penny
more than absolutely necessary on making cuts or throwing up fills.  If you
need to meditate on the symbolism of the name, begin by consulting with a
farmer !

Similarly, the old Roanoke & Southern (a.k.a. "Winston-Salem District of
Shenandoah Division) was and is known as "the Punkin' Vine."   Without
recourse to a track chart, I seem to recall that there is not one single mile
of R/W on "the Punk" which is both straight and level.

If you need more information on these subjects, feel free to contact me
off-list.  My E-mail address is part of this message.

--- Abram Burnett
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