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Fri May 7 22:50:45 EDT 2004

     In an earlier mailing list post, I stated that Paul Withers and Robert
Bowers book "Norfolk & Western -- First Generation Diesels" had photographs
of former Wabash E8s  in Chicago area commuter service.  When I made that
statement, I was vacationing in Florida and did not have the book in front of
me.  Now that I have returned home, I have looked closely at the photographs
and can safely say that no caption specifically says that a former Wabash E8
is in commuter service.

     Pages 179, 180 and 181 show E8s and "torpedo-boat" geeps paired together
on passenger runs, but only one caption clearly states that a passenger run is
the intercity "Blue Bird.  The other captions do not say whether the
passenger trains are intercity or commuter runs.  Under the circumstances, it
is probably safe to assume that all the photographs are of intercity
passenger runs and not commuter trains.

     In other words, I was dead wrong on this matter and I want to apologize
for any confusion I may have caused with my earlier posting.  Next time I
will wait until I have the documentation in front of me before I speak

Bill King
wckiii at aol.com

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