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Thu May 6 21:36:16 EDT 2004

An anxious twenty-one year old filling out application for employment as 
Brakemen October 1946 in Trainmasters office third floor west.Safty  and 
Better service meetings, Rules classes and the dreaded formal 
investigations in the same Trainmaters office {on the Tadpole we called it 
walking the marble stairs} and one trip to sign a confession in lieu of 
investigation for miss handling hazardous load on No.86 . Early on as Extra 
Brk.rush trips in middle of night to Chief Disp. office for Trip pass to 
deadhead to Williamson on No.4 to work mine runs including the 2nd.Pigeon. 
The night scene around the station, the switching of passenger equipment, 
railroad night sounds stack exhaust and hissing steam. at west end of Sta. 
ground  CT supervisors clerks standing watch in the outer offfice.Much 
later visit to receive gift for thirty years service and much later still 
in 1985 to turn in radio and to receive retirement gift from clerk  A nylon 
wind breaker  and so it goes, Sad to see yet another N&W structure dissapear.
  R F Smith

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