[N&W] Wabash E-8 #1009

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Thu May 6 23:25:59 EDT 2004

[Bill King wrote:]
<<  I don't know the history of the RF&P locomotive, but the #1009 was ruined
by the  flood that hammered Roanoke in 1985.  At that time the #1009 was
located at the old municipal transportation museum on Wiley Drive just a few
feet from the Roanoke River.  After the flood waters receded, the #1009 and
the other flood victims made the journey to their new location in downtown
Roanoke (quite a distance away from the Roanoke River I might add).
Unfortunately, the #1009 never recovered from its flood damage.  That's a
shame since it's such a historical piece of transportation history. >>

Sadly the 1009 was in poor condition before the flood. The damage to the car
body was from the use of stainless steel panels on a carbon steel frame. Much
like many Pullman stainless cars the rot created was and is difficult to
stop.  I understand that effect is much like creating a giant battery. I am
not an engineer (mechanical, that is) so if this incorrect, I  would
appreciate knowing what exactly is the problem.
The 1009 had its side panels cut out on instructions of a former Musuem
director. He had purchased replacement side sheets from a government surplus
sale and they were ready to install. The musuem apparently did not follow the
old adage "measure twice, cut once" and the replacements were cut too short,
now almost no money remains in the budget for repair.
The plan is to move the units off site in the very near future. I will report
as details become available.

Ken Miller

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