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I believe the large NW marking was adopted in 1971, around the same time
they started to paint boxcars black.

Jim Brewer

This style of logo was introduced in 1971 I believe.

Stuart Thayer
Modeling the Appalachian Coal Fields

"NW" was the Norfolk and Western Logo on cars and equipment from 1970 until
Norfolk Southern.  Boxcars were primarily black with the white NW though
were some painted boxcar red with white NW.
Ed Painter Jr

This scheme started in 1971, and lasted until approximately 1982, around
the same time the NS merger was brewing.  Quite a few cars are still in
service in this scheme today.

Dennis Lippert - In Search of a Good Motto
DLippert at usaor.net

The "NW" markings were adopted in 1971, and were applied to all new
equipment, as well as any older equipment that was either repainted or
shopped for other reasons.  These reporting marks lasted until "NS" markings
began being applied in the '80's.  The Norfolk And Western Handbook is a
steam era book, so it would only refer to the older reporting marks, "N&W".
As far as the paint schemes that bore these markings, that can vary.  The
'70's and '80's schemes that featured a large white "NW" or "NORFOLK AND
WESTERN" all had them.  Many older cars also had just the "NW" reporting
marks added, but kept their original paint scheme, such as the Bowser HO
hopper that features the '60's era half-moon herald in the corner, but the
'70's reporting marks.
Marty Flick

NW 1971-1982

Mark Peele

This logo was adpoted in February 1971 under Fishwick's administration. 
 From reading a 1971-era employee magazine from the N&W, this logo was 
pplied later that year, as an employee was complaining about not receiving 
the decals at one of the paint shops.
Hope this helps!
Dave Grigsby


Kadee has offered a 40' PS-1 box car painted black and lettered for the N&W
using the billboard "NW"! These cars are sold fully assembled with Kadee
couplers already mounted.  retail is $26-28!

Jim Gillum

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