[N&W] Re: Ex-Wabash E8 Colors

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Thu May 6 23:19:55 EDT 2004

 >I don't believe so. I'm about 99.9% sure that they went from Wabash blue to
 >Pevlar blue. I also don't think they ever got very far from Chicago.
 >Most stayed in commuter service as I recall. Can anyone back me up on that?
 >Tom Cosgrove
The Ex-Wab E8s were never, to my knowledge, used in the Chicago commuter
service.  Wabash's passenger Geeps were much better commuter engines.  The
E8s could be found on any of the main line trains.  I've heard of them going
into Kansas City, I've photographed them on the Brooklyn District, ridden
them (the engineer put his cap over the speedometer) between Decatur and
Chicago, and run them between Montpelier and Detroit.


  >Were any of the Wabash E8s painted in N&W red prior to
  >be painted N&W passenger blue?
There were lots of HO scale models, but no full-size ones.
Building some Redbird GP-9s

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