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NWHS Commissary is sold out [of "Norfolk and Western Railway Company -
North Carolina Branch"]. Book is currently out of print.

NWHS Sales

Louis M. Newton's Rails Remembered-Volume 3 has maps, history,
and personal recollections of the North Carolina Extension.

In 1970,  it was my good fortune to have a boss that took a genuine
interest in the railroad and his people.  He'd been a trainmaster on
the Radford Division.  Every Saturday morning,  you were escorted into
the sanctum sanctorum for him to critique your prior week's accomplish-
ments and to review your follow week's itinerary. That December
Saturday, things were going pretty well until it got to the plan for the
following Thursday -- "I'm going to ride the local from Radford to Galax
and Fries (as in French fries)".  It must have hit a nerve.  He said, "NO!
It's Fries in the summertime; it's Freeze in the wintertime."  I've since
learned it's pronounced Freeze all the time.
That Thursday, the local left the train at Fries Junction and went light
to Washington Mills and returned with one car -- a ten mile round trip
just to retrieve an empty hopper.
                                                              Harry Bundy

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