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Thu May 6 22:26:27 EDT 2004

Awwwwwwww shucks, you guys - thanks for owning up, cuz!

That boiler had a mother of a stack because it was in stationary service and
had automatic controls; they didn't want it to rely on a blower for draft
and there weren't no steam exhaust, so they used the mother (technical
term).  It burned pea coal.

I had heard it was a Z but I'll bow to the authority who has confirmation
that it was an E-2; it's nice to know for sure after all these years, and I
thank you.


Thanks to both Ed and Ken.  From the photo in the
Nov. 1950 N&W magazine it could
have been an M2 boiler there in the 60's.

Reckon they had the 552  in the 40's and replaced with
an M2 in 1950?  The E2b was 45'+ and the M2 was 42'+.
 From the 60's era photos of the smoke box door it
could have been either.  Very interesting.

Also Jerry Crosson points out the two A's used by Union
Carbide.  Guess we would also have to add the 611 to this
list.  It was used as a temporary boiler at Roanoke Shops
for a while.

Jim Blackstock

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