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There are a couple pretty good shots of Icing stations a t Bluefield,
Portsmouth and a couple other locations on the Virginia Tech Image Database.
Here is the web
adress that will take you to the search page.


At the search page type in icing stations or icing platforms and some should
come up.
Mike Rector


Not aware of any N&W reefers in the days where actual ice was used.  They
were involved with a joint ownership of some mechanical cars in later years.

There were a number of icing stations along the N&W.  Portsmouth had one I
know.  If you go to the Va. Tech website, you can download photos of the
various sites.

Jim Gillum

According to the October 1, 1952 edition of "Officers, Agents and Stations,"
icing stations were located at:

1.  Bluefied, WV - for reicing only; only shipments moving to or from
connections at Norton, VA or St. Paul, VA and other traffic originating at
points west of Roanoke, VA or moving eastward to points west of Roanoke, VA

2.  Bristol, VA
3.  Clare, OH - reicing application only; only to traffic moving eastbound.
4.  Columbus, OH
5.  Hagerstown, MD
6.  Norfolk, VA - reicing application:  shipments originating at Norfolk.
Through shipments delivered connections at Norfolk.
7.  Portsmouth, OH
8.  Roanoke, VA

I believe that if you do a search of the image base at Virginia Tech you
will find a few photographs; I seem to remember one at Bluefield, and
perhaps there were others.

I don't believe that N&W ever owned any reefers, either ice or mechanical.
They did have some insulated boxcars much later, and were probably involved
in the American Refrigeration Transport (ART) as a result of the take-over
of the Wabash.

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer

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