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[R D Williams sends:]

 >From the Skyland Post 1942:

During the recent big storm, when practically all traffic in this section was
snow-bound except the train of the Norfolk and Western Railway, a passenger
held at Whitetop was given credit for saving the life of a mother and baby,
the young son was named Norwest in honor of the road.

Snow had blocked all roads to the home of Wade W. Weaver, Whitetop farmer, but
that did not stop him in the efforts to save his wife's life.  With the aid of
neighbours, the doctor and nurse, they pulled his wife on a two horse sled
miles to the railroad station, where the train was held up for their arrrival.

The mother was placed on the train and carried to the Ben Johnson hospital at
Abingdon, where a Caesarean operation was performed.  Both mother and baby are
now getting along nicely.

"I fell that I am obligated to the Norfolk and Western for the lives of my
ad seven pound son," the father wrote in describing the trip during which, he
said, "we could hardly get through the drifts."

"My wife," he added, "insisted on naming the baby Norwest so that we will
be reminded of the Norfolk and Western."

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