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 >Did the N&W at any time have a route through or near Zanesville, Ohio?

Not before acquiring the former W&LE and P&WV . . .

The closest was the Columbus District from Portsmouth to Columbus.

I suggest you might find some good information in John Rehor's "The Nickel
Plate Story"; if I'm not mistaken, Kalmbach has reprinted it recently.  It's
a worthwhile corporate history - one of the very best.


According to a N&W railrad map dated June 30, 1958, which was included with
Major Jefferies: N&W Giant of Steam, no.  According the map the following RR
went thru Zanesville:

Wheeling & Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, Baltimore & Ohio and the New York Central

The W&LE become part of the Nickel Plate in the late '40s.  NKP in turn became
part of the N&W in 1964.  The W&LE was spun off NS in the '80s (?).

Nigel Misso

Yes indeed, N&W did operate to Zanesville, Ohio from
the 1964 NKP-Wabash merger until the mid-80's.  The
Zanesville Branch was some 70 miles in length.  Between
Dresden and Zanesville, the line followed the west bank
of the Muskingum River on an unstable cut which
had a speed restriction of 15 MPH. N&W ownership
terminated just south of Lee Street where the line became
B&O's Zanesville Belt.  For maps, see p. 322 of Rehor's
The Nickel PLate Story or you might try some of the older
U.S. Geological Survey maps.
                                                    Harry Bundy

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