[N&W] Re: N&W Covered Hoppers in MW service

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Thu May 6 22:18:01 EDT 2004

[C. Neel Flannagan asked:]
 >I saw two two-bay covered hopper cars in a local consist outside South
 >Congaree (Columbia, SC) this AM. They were still in N&W markings, were
 >green(ish) in color and had MW (maintenance of way) markings.. What are
 >they used for?
It sounds like what you saw was a company sand hopper.  They carry sand for
the locomotives.
Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Virginia


The most common use of the covered hoppers in MW service is for locomotive

Jim Gillum

I'm sure others will have more info, but NS still operates ex-N&W two bay
ballast cars in the dark green MoW paint scheme of the late N&W.  Many have
been repainted into NS MoW orange. Gary Rolih

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