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Thu May 6 22:09:52 EDT 2004

[Cal Reynolds asked:]

 >How 'bout sharing what you have learned on the Winston District.

[James Matthews replies:]

Happy to oblige.  This is what I have so far.

The Roanoke and Southern was charted in 1886 to build a line from Roanoke,
VA to the North Carolina Line. The Roanoke and Southern of North Carolina
was chartered in 1887 to build a line from some point on the Virginia line
to the South Carolina line. Although, I think the R&S of NC was only to
build to Winston-Salem at first with the charter being amended at a later
date. I haven't been able to nail this down yet.

In 1887, the boards of both Railroads decided to consolidate. By 1891,
trains were rolling from Winston-Salem to Roanoke (aprox. 126 miles),
and it interchanged with Southern(or a predecessor) in Winston-Salem,
the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley RY in Walnut Cove, NC and Madison, NC,
and of course, N&W in Roanoke. Martinsville, Va was the division point
with 'Division A' running from Winston-Salem to Martinsville, and
'Division B' running from Martinsville to Roanoke.

The line was leased by N&W in 1892, and finally bought outright in
1894 or 1895.

This is pretty much as far as I have gotten. But with some of the
pressure at work relieved ( at least for now) I hope to try and
get some research trips in.

Take care,


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