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Oops again.  I should have been more specific.  Inside admission locomotives
with direct valve gear will have the cranks leaning toward the FRONT of the
locomotive (the cab end of the cab-forwards being defined as the front -
that's the end that has the cowcatcher thingy).  That takes care of 'em all.
Espee cab-forwards having the cranks facing the rear of the locomotive will
be found to have indirect valve gear.

On Beyer-Garretts, if the rear engine has the crank leaning to the rear,
that engine will be found to be running in reverse - in other words, its
valve gear is working as indirect.

The only situation that I'm familiar with where DIRECT Baker valve gear was
used on an outside admission engine was on the front engine of the rebuilt
Triplex when it was returned from Baldwin.  It kept the triangular frame
Baker it originally had, and they leaned the cranks backward so it would be
acting direct.

Of course, to further cloud the issue, there is IC 2-8-0 700, which has
INDIRECT Baker valve gear on its inside admission piston valve cylinders.
It's cranks are leaning backwards . . .

  - EK

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 >Ed King is correct, I forgot to specify prototype.  On cab forwards, SP
 >locomotives,  the cranks face to the rear of the locomotive. Also on
 >some of the non US equipment this arrangement is also used.  On a few
 >South African locomotives, the cranks face both directions due to the
 >cylinder arrangement.
 >Kurt S. Kramke

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