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Thu May 6 21:59:30 EDT 2004

While I would love to see the 2156 in Roanoke where all good N&W steam
belongs. I feel the NMofT has the right to retain the engine and use it as a
fine representation of heavy Eastern steam. They DID seek possession of the
engine and have kept it up all these years. While it may not be pristine at
least they have a Y-6 we can see which is much better than an A that we
can't! NMofT is a pretty neat museum and has a great collection of equipment
from all over. It deserves a visit by all serious railfans no matter what
railroad you follow. It doesn't seem to me that Roanoke (whichever person,
persons or group that may be) has done that great of a job in the quest to
preserve our remaining steam anyway. Why is the 578 wrotting into the ties in
Worthington at a TROLLEY MUSEUM? They could care less about steam. Why are W,
M and M-2's so covered with kudzu that they are virtually unrecognizable in a
Roanoke scrap dealer? Why was 2174 and the other Y in the Roanoke scrap yard
allowed to be cut up? Why did the 475 wind up in Strasburg? Why don't we get
the 433 out of Abingdon? Why is it that if Roanoke is "mecca" for the N&W and
everyone's been so concerned about preserving N&W steam that all these
engines have slipped through? Why did the 1218 wind up in Steamtown in the
first place? What about her sisters at Union Carbide? Seems everyone wants to
lament things they don't actually want to do anything about.  It's like all
the crying about the NS steam program coming to a halt. Yes.......it was
awful to see the J and A cold again but the railroad has the right to do what
it feels it must. Just be glad we have a Y-6 and a Y-3 to look at and a
beautiful M to see, hear, smell and ride behind. Personally I'm ecstatic that
the 475 is at Strasburg. They LIKE her and they USE her and she's there for
everyone to SEE and ENJOY!!
If everyone's so upset over what's happened why not get something going that
could be productive. Facts are facts........large engines are just not
economically feasable to restore and operate. Why not get some of the smaller
stuff out of limbo and do something constructive with it?
My 2¢......fire away!

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