[N&W] Re: Baker valve gear

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Tue May 4 23:17:08 EDT 2004

[Ed King corrects himself with:]

Nitpickers will catch the error in the below - it should have said
". . .as was done on all new N&W road power . . ."

 >Baker has the advantages in that all its connections are radial - pins and
 >bushings which are easy to maintain on a lathe - and lend themselves to
 >roller bearing applications as was done on all new N&W power after A 1205
 >in 1937.  There is no link nor sliding link block to maintain.

Sorry 'bout that . . .


[Craig Close adds:]

I figured someone like Ed K could give a dissertation on valve gear.
Thanks for the reasoning, Ed.  There is a set of DOS (Gasp!) programs
which produce graphical diagrams of many types of running valve gear
designs.  These programs can be found at:


They are pretty clunky, but that may be just what the Doctor would order
when we non-engineering types ask about valve gears.


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