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Tue May 4 23:12:25 EDT 2004

Marty, Bill and Stony,

Thanks a bunch for the info on the conveyor cars. I had a feeling there
would be additional information available, but I had no idea there would be
this much out there. So far I've ordered the TLC book from the N&W
Historical Society, I'll probably end up ordering all the back issues of
'The Arrow' as well. In the mean time, if I could I'd like to see copies of
the articles and possibly the photos.

I'm glad to see there are others out there interested in these kind of
cars. I just recently started to get interested in industrial trolleys
largely because of my interest in steel mills. There are all kinds of
interesting cars like these in the mills (on the coke ovens, feeding the
blast furnaces, etc.). You can still find them in operation in certain
mills. I've even managed to stumble across a few that were surprisingly
accessible for photos. The Virginian cars are the first that I've come
across so far in operation by a railroad, I'm sure they're are some others.

Again, my thanks for all of the help on this. BTW, speaking of unusual
equipment, if anyone has any questions on RoadRailers feel free to direct
them to me. I'm pretty heavily involved with them.

Jim Matthews
jmatthew at wabashnational.com

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