[N&W] Re: Books covering Class M Locos

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Tue May 4 22:57:55 EDT 2004

Scott, for the bible of N&W steam, get yourself a copy of Richard E. Prince's
book "Norfolk and Western - Pocahontas Coal Carrier".  It has at least twenty
pictures of class M, M1, and M2 locomotives, two diagrams, and at least two
pages of text.  It lists every class M / M1 / M2 locomotive number with
associated technical data and disposition / scrap date.  Hope this helps.

Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Virginia


I was interested in your comments in your message.  Since you have seen a
color flyer of the Proto 2000 Y3, can you suggest where we can see a photo
of the model that LifeLike is about to release to the market?  I would
suspect that a lot of our membership would like to see that!

On your question on the Class M 4-8-0, without looking I can easily suggest
that if you can get your hands on Richard Prince's book on the Pocahontas
Coal Carrier, you will find a lot of photos of different road numbers.  I
have not checked this prior to sending you this e-mail, but feel pretty safe
is suggesting it.  This book is an excellent resource for steam information.

John McRae

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