[N&W] Re: N&W Logo at Hotel Roanoke

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Tue May 4 22:37:03 EDT 2004

It looks like we are going to have some questions on this one.  It IS
possible, I suppose, that this logo on the lobby floor in the main lobby of
the Hotel Roanoke might well have been an HR logo.  My memory on this puts
it back pretty far, and I have had a friend in Indiana tell me that he used
to go in that hotel a lot and see it too.  I recall wondering what I was
walking on, and going to the door to the hotel to look at it and try to get
a perspective.  It was very large.  I hope that we can get to some research
on this.


John McRae


I too was fequent guest at the hotel -- during the late 1940's through the
50's, and my memory is that there was a fairly large logo in the floor --
N&W.  I would be interested in others' memories.

Jim Fariss
Bloomington, Indiana 

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