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Tue May 4 22:24:14 EDT 2004

Ed King writes:

Jim -

In the May/June issue of THE ARROW, page 15, you will find a reference to 
an ICC report #3163 concerning the derailment of train #22, engine 111, at 
Madison, N. C., Feb. 6, 1948, injuring 5.

I do not have a copy of this report, but I remember reading it; some of the 
injuries were to either RPO or Railway Express personnel - maybe both - and 
afterwards there was some effort by the unions involved to prohibit the 
practice of putting an occupied RPO or express car next to the 
engine.  Since RPOs were generally ahead of working express cars (and #22 
may have had a RPO/Express combine - I don't remember) this may well be one 
of the incidents you want.

Sorry I can't be more help than that.

Ed King

Mike Rector adds:

this isn't specifically, an answer to your question, but it may provide some
more general info.  this is a web site of a guy who wants to build passenger
car models in the near future, however the other half of the website provides
hours of info on passenger car operations, including N&W, not sure about
Virginian.  There are good illustrations of different RPO's and other
head-end cars, and good info on RPO's in general.

here is a link:  http://www.thoseclassictrains.com/

here is the site: www.thoseclassictrains.com

mike rector

Jarrell Greever replies:

What a coincidence!  Our cover story in the next issue (July/August), is on
the N&W Class M-1 RPO's, part of our continuing series of stories on N&W
passenger cars.  Don't know how much of what you're looking for will be
there, but we have several photos and lots of info.  Look for it!

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