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Tue May 4 22:17:43 EDT 2004

Donald Reventlow asked:

Did Norfolk & Western paint black and re-letter the
GP-20m's they received from IT?


Bob Bowers answered:

Yes they were repainted black with the full name spelled out on the long
hood.In fact No. 2009 when repainted in this version had the "Norfolk" spelled
"nofolk" for about a week.  Both unit were also repainted into the NS paint

Mason Cooper replied:

There is a photo of 2008 on page 216
of the Shenandoah Book.
Jim King wrote:


Yes, they were repainted black and lettered with the N&W name spelled
out on the hood.  They were renumbered originally to the 5000 series
then renumbered to the 2000 series after the 1982 NS merger because they
conflicted with Southern GP38-2s.  I shot most or all of the engines in
local service between Roanoke and Crewe in the early/mid 80s.

Jim King
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At 08:58 PM 1/13/99 -0500, Andy Harman wrote:

 >> <g>.  I also bought one of the GP20's in the N&W late scheme (ex-IT)
 >> because I figured it was one that I'd never get around to doing myself, at
 >> least not this lifetime, and it looked pretty good.  Now time to check the
 >> photos and see if anything needs tweaking.

Andy, hopefully you got the 2009, as the Life-Like lettering is
for the 2008.  The 2008 was lettered in 12" lettering switcher
rather than the 15" road unit lettering used on the 2009.

Chris Toth
ctoth at jbic.com

At 09:47 PM 1/13/99 -0500, Andy Harman wrote:

 >They are the frying pans. Checking the Withers book there is only one photo
 >and it's in the IT colors restenciled.  Interesting lineage on these units
 >- originally UP 480 and 482.  They were rebuilt by PNC with 645 power
 >assemblied and de-turboed but retained 2000 hp.  Subsequently sold to IT as
 >2008 and 2009, became part of N&W in 1982 shortly before the NS merger.  I
 >think both units were repainted to the black spelled-out scheme, but I
 >can't find any photos at the moment to prove it.

As I mentioned in my earlier message, both received black with white
spelled out lettering.  The 2008 recieved the smaller 12" switcher size
lettering, while the 2009 received the larger 15" road unit size
  Both units later received the standard NS Thoroughbred scheme. Both
were retired in December of 1991 and were sold to WATCO in March of

 >It's interesting that just before the NS merger, N&W aquired four loco
 >types never before rostered... the GP20(m), GP38-2, SD39, and SW1500. The
 >SD39's were relettered with the large NW herald but left in IT green.
 >Don't know if any were every given full N&W schemes.  They didn't last long
 >after the NS merger... anyone know their disposition?

All six units initially operated in IT green with NW stenciling in
All were repainted and received the last black scheme with 15" spelled
lettering.  All six were retired in 8/84 and the dispositions were as

2961    Returned to lessor 10/84, then to B&M 690 8/85
2962    Returned to lessor 10/84, then to B&M 691 8/85
2963    Returned to lessor 10/84, then to B&M 692 8/85
2964    To Gibbs Rwy. Equip. 9/84, then to ATSF 140 2/86, later
ATSF 1140
2965    To M-K 9001 10/84, rebuilt to MPI 9001 1/90
2966    To M-K 10/84, to B&M 693 11/86, later to MEC 693

Chris Toth
ctoth at jbic.com

Jim Brewer added:

By the way, the HO scale model from Life Like of the GP20 is available
painted in N&W.

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