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 >From: JasNorman at aol.com
 >Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 08:24:58 EST
 >Subject: N&W/PRR Box Cars
 >There is an excellent article in the April 1990 issue of Mainline Modeler on
 >the PRR round roof box cars.  It covers the X31, X32 & X33 classes.
 >Variations on this unique box car design were used by the N&W, Virginian,
 >Seaboard, Northern Pacific, DT&I, Detroit & Mackinac, Wabash & the TA&G.
 >Contrary to impressions, there were double door versions of both the 40" and
 >50' lengths built by the PRR.
 >The N&W bought 300 of the single door 40' versions; placing them in the
 >46000-47299 series.  They also received 100 of the 40' double door edition
 >which they assigned to the 49000-49299 series.  An additional 300 cars were
 >subsequently ordered by the N&W; these being 50' cars in the 52000-52999
 >number group.  From the article, this last group of cars were patterned after
 >the PRR X32 class.
 >Hope this is helpful.
 >Yours truly,
 >Jim Gillum

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