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Tue May 4 22:12:08 EDT 2004

 >Jim Laney asked:
 > Hi,
 > Can anybody help me with a question I have concerning N&W rolling stock?
 > My question is this:  Which classes of N&W boxcars (pre PS-1) were copies of
 > PRR designs?  The only one that I know offhand is the BPa/X-29, but I think
 > there were others.
 > Thanks for your help,
 > Jim Laney
Ed King replied:

N&W had 40' single (Class B1) and double door (Class B2) and 50' double 
door (Class B3) versions of the round-roof box cars that Pennsy used.  I'm 
not certain if they were Pennsy designs, though.  Seaboard, DT&I and I 
think NP had them, too.  The Class B1 cars were rebuilt with standard roofs 
and were running around in the '50's and '60's as B1a.

I don't think any of the double door round roof cars were ever rebuilt on 
the N&W.

Ed King

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