[N&W] Peters Creek Rd overpass in Roanoke

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Tue May 4 22:08:18 EDT 2004

A little news from Roanoke.  The Peters Creek road extension is now open and
the two highway bridges offer views of the west end of the N&W yard and the
ex-VGN mainline.  Both bridges have sidewalks on both sides; however, you will
have to take pictures through green wire mesh fencing.  There are some
opportunities for photos from either ends of the fencing.  I have not taken
any pictures from either bridge yet but it appears there are some new photo

Also, in the last several weeks, the former Hanging Rock branch has had some
rail work done including some welding. This week they are resurfacing the
track including ballast work.

Hope this information is useful.

Thanks for the info Steve. The new Peters Creek Road bridges open up quite 
a bit of new territory for railfanning without trespassing. I haven't had 
any chances to stop and take pictures yet either.

There was a column in today's Roanoke Times about the green wire mesh 
fencing. The city did not want to put it up but NS insisted citing safety 
concerns over people throwing objects down on their employees.

Does anyone know what is driving the work on the Hanging Rock Branch? There 
doesn't seem to be much left up that line. GE's spur has been paved over 
for years. The far end of the branch is already undergoing part of a 
rails-to-trails conversion.

Ron Davis

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