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Thanks to Jim Brewer for passing this on:

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 >From: cschlund at sfsu.edu <cschlund at sfsu.edu>
 >Date: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 10:39 AM
 >Subject: [FC] OWI photos online
 >The US Govt - Office of War Information took a lot of photos
 >during the second world war, mostly for govt
 >publications and propaganda purposes.
 >The good part is they are all on-line courtesy
 >the Library of Congress. Many are of railroad subjects.
 >The yard shots often include (oddly enough) lots of freight cars.
 >Check out these views of WM and N&W yards during the war - they
 >are to die for! Lots of excellent shots of hoppers.
 >(Western Maryland)
 >Railroad yards, Elkins, West Virginia
 >(Norfolk & Western)
 >Railroad yard at Williamson, West Virginia
 >I found these by doing a subject search on "railroad".
 >Many photos are untitled, and thus don't show up in a subject search,
 >so browse adjacent images in catalog to see more.
 >I had a good time trawling thru these - hope you enjoy them.
 >Have fun - Claus.
 >Claus Schlund (Shop Foreman, Bernal Heights Car & Foundry)
 >Modeling steam-era PRR in N scale - San Francisco, CA

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