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It has been a while since I've sent anything to the Mailing List.
I've not had anything worth sending lately plus I was out of town
on business most of February and March.

While indexing drawings for the N&WHS Archives, I came across one
drawing with the following title:

Drawn Dec 14, 1956 Revised May 31, 1995

Being unable to find Reese, Ohio in my trusty "List of Stations and
Sidings", I asked two of our West End experts if they knew where
this place was. This simple question received very interesting
answers that I thought those on the Mailing List might enjoy.

Tom Dressler replied first:
 >Good afternoon,
 >Reese's is on the Columbus District of the Scioto Division.
 >It is about 1 1/2 miles east (south) of the east end of Watkins
 >Yard/Valley Crossing.  Heading south, Watkins, Obets, Reeses, Miner,
 >Lockboure, Bradfield and so on.
 >The Scioto Valley Traction Co had their power station there. The
 >SVT line to Lancaster, Ohio left the main line there and ducked
 >under the N&W. A state highway still uses the underpass.
[Tom did an article on the SVT in last years' "Arrow"]
 >Given the date, Dec. 14, 1956, this most likely have been
 >the boiler at the water station. They would have had a boiler
 >there to power the pumps to draw water from Big Walnut Creek
 >and to operate the water treatment plant there.
 >As I remember it, the water treatment plant and boiler house
 >sat down about 30 feet below track level on the site of the
 >old SVT power house on the West side of the N&W mains. And
 >there was a side track down to the lower level for coal hoppers
 >to unload. In my era, all I could see at track level were the
 >cement bases for the water tank on the East side of the west
 >bound track. This tank sat back too far to have had a
 >filler pipe to reach tenders, so I must assume there would have
 >been standpipes on each side of each main line track at this location.
 >At the site of the old SVT power house, and I assume the N&W water
 >treatment plant, in my era was a small plant that made wood pallets.
 >I don't have enough background information to prove it but I
 >would suspect this water plant also supplied water to Watkins
 >Yard as it was only 2 1/2 miles East (South) of the east end of
 >Watkins. And Big Walnut Creek was a good supply of water where
 >as there were no creeks close to Watkins. I simply cannot figure
 >them spending the $$$ to build a water plant at Reeses just for
 >watering through trains. After a westbound train passed Reeses,
 >it only had 10 more miles or so to Joyce Ave.
 >Eastbound train would have left Joyce Ave. with full tanks and
 >could get more water (and coal of course) at Dorney just south
 >of Circleville. Thus very few eastbound trains would have needed
 >to stop at Reeses.
 >Yard engines at Watkins needed water as did Pennsy and C&O engines
 >working in and out of there. And a westbound train setting off at
 >Watkins could possibly need water before going on to Joyce
 >Ave. so there was a need for a large supply of water in the area.
 >About the only thing I can recall happening there in my 22 years
 >was an iron ore train burned off a journal and dumped 41 loaded
 >hoppers. They simply picked up some of the cars, smoothed out the
 >iron ore, covered it with cinders and dirt and laid down about 300
 >feet of new track.
 >They left some of the tangled hoppers cars in the hole and forgot
 >them. You could tell the difference in sound of the engines rolling
 >on the rails when they went over the old wreck site. Not at all unlike
 >rolling on concrete cross ties.
 >I hope this helps. If not please advise.
Thank you Tom! 

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